Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units
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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Hello. My name is Max. My wife and I have five children who all live at with us in our large two-story house. My wife and two of our kids suffer from severe allergies which means keeping our home as dust-free as possible. I have learned that it’s crucial to keep our heating and air conditioning units properly maintained at all times. We have a fantastic HVAC company that comes out two times a year to perform routine maintenance on our system. They have taught me what I can do on a monthly basis in order to not only help with my family’s health but also keep our system running efficiently. I would like to share some of the tips I’ve been given. I hope you find this to be useful!

Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

2 Maintenance Tips For Making Sure Your Gas Hot Water Heater Produces Enough Water

Kristin Pierce

Having hot water to take a shower or wash dishes with may seem like something insignificant. However, the water travels through a series of pipes until it makes its way into your heating unit. Your gas water heater is responsible for heating the water and transporting it throughout your home. Gas hot water heaters perform well when they are maintained on a regular basis. Constant use can clog some of the parts and systems in your water heater. Parts that become faulty can cause your water heater to produce insufficient amounts of water. Fortunately, there are a few maintenance tips that you can use in order to make sure that your water heater always produces enough water.

Clean Your Water Heater Vent Regularly

Your gas hot water heater relies on air flow in order to operate efficiently. The air that is used is filtered through a hot water heater vent. After a number of uses, this vent can easily become blocked by debris and dust. Once it is blocked, you will notice a reduction in the airflow as well as the water supply. If the vent is kept blocked for long periods of time, this can result in a buildup of carbon monoxide. As a result, it is important to clean your water heater vent at the end of each season. The vent can easily be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean Out Your Chimney Flue Regularly

A chimney flue is used to properly vent combustible gas from a gas water heater. A blocked chimney flue can cause this gas to build up in your home and can have disastrous results if it is not fixed. In addition, a blocked chimney flue can cause your water heater to fail to produce enough hot water if it does not have proper ventilation. A chimney flue can often become clogged because of dirt, debris or even animals that get stuck in it. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to check the flue liner seasonally to ensure that your chimney flue is always properly ventilated. A clean chimney flue will ensure that your heater produces enough hot water for your entire home.

Gas hot water heaters can work effectively for a number of years. However, they can quickly stop working correctly if they are not taken care of properly. Therefore, use these maintenance tips to ensure that your hot water heater always produces enough hot water.