Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units
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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Hello. My name is Max. My wife and I have five children who all live at with us in our large two-story house. My wife and two of our kids suffer from severe allergies which means keeping our home as dust-free as possible. I have learned that it’s crucial to keep our heating and air conditioning units properly maintained at all times. We have a fantastic HVAC company that comes out two times a year to perform routine maintenance on our system. They have taught me what I can do on a monthly basis in order to not only help with my family’s health but also keep our system running efficiently. I would like to share some of the tips I’ve been given. I hope you find this to be useful!

Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Keeping Your House Cool For Less

Kristin Pierce

When you turn on your air conditioner, you do so with the intention of cooling your home efficiently. However, if your air conditioner isn't properly maintained or you have areas where the air can get out, then you are putting more stress on the system and wasting money trying to get it to the desired temperature. The information here will help you have a better understanding of how you can care for your air conditioning system and your home to get the most out of the unit.

Keep your air conditioning system in good working order

Properly maintain your system by making sure you check the air filter often and clean or replace it when necessary. Check the area around your outside condenser and remove any weeds or other foliage that is growing within a few feet from it, as well as any other debris that's near it. Consider having an HVAC tech come out to inspect the unit annually so they can catch and repair any issues before they become big problems.

Make sure your attic isn't working against your efforts

Your attic can make it harder for you to cool your home, especially if it isn't fully insulated. The sun will beat right down on the roof and your attic will absorb that heat. Insulating the attic and making sure all the access doors to the attic are in good shape and seal correctly will help prevent that heat from making its way down into the living space and warming the house you're trying to cool.

Tint your windows

The sun will also beat right on your windows and the heat from it will penetrate through, making your house warmer. Putting tint on the windows will reflect much of that sunlight and help to keep the house cooler.

Seal any gaps, cracks or holes

Go around the house and look for any spots where the cool air from the inside of your house can escape. One common area is under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Check under those sinks to make sure the place where the plumbing enters doesn't have gaps. If there are gaps, fill them in with caulking. Also, seal up any doggy doors during the months when you are going to be using the air conditioning a lot.

By following the advice above, you can keep your house feeling more comfortable during those hot months, and you will be paying less to do so.