Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units
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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Hello. My name is Max. My wife and I have five children who all live at with us in our large two-story house. My wife and two of our kids suffer from severe allergies which means keeping our home as dust-free as possible. I have learned that it’s crucial to keep our heating and air conditioning units properly maintained at all times. We have a fantastic HVAC company that comes out two times a year to perform routine maintenance on our system. They have taught me what I can do on a monthly basis in order to not only help with my family’s health but also keep our system running efficiently. I would like to share some of the tips I’ve been given. I hope you find this to be useful!

Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

3 Tips to Keep Your AC Running Efficiently

Kristin Pierce

Having access to a functional air conditioning system is critical when it comes to maintaining cool and comfortable temperatures within your home during the warm summer months. Cooling your home can be costly, especially if your air conditioner isn't running as efficiently as it could.

Here are three tips that you can use to increase the efficiency of your home's AC system and help reduce your utility costs next summer.

1. Keep your compressor shaded.

Your home's AC system likely relies on an outdoor air compressor to function properly. This unit is installed outside your home, and it is responsible for drawing in the air that will be cooled by the air conditioner and circulated throughout your home.

The warmer the air that is drawn in through the compressor is, the harder your home's AC system has to work to cool the air to the proper temperature. Adding an awning or tarp to shade your outdoor compressor can be a simple way to reduce the temperature of the air sucked into the unit. This will help you reduce stress on your AC system and reduce your cooling costs in the future.

2. Replace your AC's filter.

Your compressor is equipped with a filter that helps to remove impurities in the air prior to cooling and distribution. Over time, the filter can become clogged with the particles and contaminants that are removed from the air supply being sucked into the compressor.

A clogged air filter requires your AC system to work harder in order to draw in enough air to keep your home cool. Replacing the filter regularly is a simple and effective way to make your AC system more efficient over time. A company like CNR Air Conditioning Inc can help with this.

3. Weatherize your home.

Making sure your home is airtight will keep all the cool air produced by your AC system inside your residence. A lot of homes lose cooled air through cracks in window frames, spaces underneath doors, and improperly insulated walls.

Taking the time to caulk any cracks and install new weatherstripping and insulation will help your home retain all the cool air produced by your AC unit, increasing the efficiency of the unit in the future.

Being able to make your AC system more efficient will allow you to enjoy cooler temperatures without experiencing significant increases in your cooling costs. Take the time to shade your outdoor compressor, swap out dirty filters, and weatherize your home to improve the efficiency of your AC in the future.