Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units
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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Hello. My name is Max. My wife and I have five children who all live at with us in our large two-story house. My wife and two of our kids suffer from severe allergies which means keeping our home as dust-free as possible. I have learned that it’s crucial to keep our heating and air conditioning units properly maintained at all times. We have a fantastic HVAC company that comes out two times a year to perform routine maintenance on our system. They have taught me what I can do on a monthly basis in order to not only help with my family’s health but also keep our system running efficiently. I would like to share some of the tips I’ve been given. I hope you find this to be useful!

Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

It's All About the Care: What You Need to Know About Your Annual Furnace Maintenance

Kristin Pierce

When it comes to caring for your furnace, you might you don't need to worry about the annual service calls, especially if everything is working properly. However, that's not actually the case. In fact, it's the annual service calls that ensures your furnace continues to work properly. Without those annual service calls, your furnace could go out when you need it the most. If you still don't think you need to worry about the annual service calls for your furnace, here's some information you need to have.

Why Your Furnace Needs an Annual Service Call

Your furnace may be working properly right now, but that doesn't mean it will continue to do so. You might not realize this, but without proper servicing, your furnace could malfunction right in the middle of winter, when service techs are at their busiest. Unfortunately, that means you could be waiting days for a service appointment. Not to mention the fact that you'll be waiting even longer for the repairs if the parts need to be ordered. Having your furnace serviced once a year will help you avoid those mid-winter breakdowns. Not only that, but if your furnace is under warranty, those service calls will help you maintain the protection.

What the Annual Service Call Actually Entails

You may be wondering what the service technicians actually do during a service call. The list of services is actually quite extensive. The technician will begin by cleaning the entire furnace. Starting with a clean furnace will allow the technician to identify things like rust deposits, or blocked intake coils. Once the furnace is clean, the technician will look for things like missing flue caps, or malfunctioning pilot lights. They'll also inspect the wiring for signs of corrosion or other types of damage. When the technician is done with the service, they'll provide you with a detailed list of items that might need to be addressed.

Why You Should Never Do It Yourself

When it comes to home maintenance, you should never try to service your furnace by yourself. For one thing, you're not going to have the tools necessary to perform the task properly. Not only that, but if you're not experienced in furnace maintenance, you could damage something, or miss a problem that needs serious attention. Not to mention the fact that if you do damage something while you're trying to maintain your own furnace, you could cancel out your warranty protection. Avoid the problems by leaving the job to HVAC services.