Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units
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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

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Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Here's What To Ask About The Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan You're Considering Buying

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Purchasing a maintenance plan for your air conditioner will help ensure that your system gets the ongoing attention and care that it needs without having to worry about scheduling yearly inspections, worrying about tune-ups, or doing any actual maintenance tasks yourself. Here is what to ask about the maintenance plan you're considering purchasing:

Will Basic Repairs Be Included?

If your service provider finds a problem with your air conditioner or comes across a part that needs to be tuned up or replaced, they may or may not include the basic repairs needed as part of your maintenance plan terms. So it's important to find out how basic repairs will be charged if they become necessary during a maintenance appointment.

If there will be an additional cost, will you be notified before the repairs are made, or will you be automatically billed for the services? Ask for a price list for basic repairs that are typically needed during the lifetime of your HVAC system so you'll be financially prepared throughout the life of your maintenance plan.

What Preparations Will Be Necessary?

It is also a good idea to find out whether you'll need to take preparation steps before each appointment your service provider shows up for throughout the term of your purchased maintenance plan. Will you have to do any cleaning or take apart any parts of the air conditioning system for them before they start their inspection?

Will you have to make sure that the home is clear of family members while a maintenance appointment is taking place? Make sure that you know exactly what will be expected of you before and during each maintenance appointment to avoid stress and frustration as time goes on.

Are There any Cancellation Penalties?

You may decide to sell your home in the future. Or you might end up replacing your air conditioning unit with a completely different model that has different maintenance requirements than your current air conditioner does now. Either way, you won't need your ongoing maintenance plan any longer and you should be able to cancel it.

The question is, what kinds of penalties, if any, will you have to pay if you cancel your plan agreement early. Ask for an itemized list of penalties you'll be expected to pay for if you cancel early. This will help keep you motivated to continue paying your service fee as time goes on and ensure that you're prepared to clear your account if you do end up deciding or having to cancel before your plan expires. 

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